Online Sales – When do you decide to buy?

Lots and lots of money is being spent over research on the science of human bahaviour on buying (decisions leading to a transaction). What is the ONE thing (or couple of things) that drives a persons decision to buy a product. Ofcourse there is the Need, Price, Quality – all fundamental factors. But research shows that THESE three fundamental principles are violated quite often if not always.

More that Need/Price/Quality, it is the shopping “experience” that people are after. We love to share good experiences especially “first of its kind” or great deals with our friends. If a product purchase experience would give that – most of us wouldn’t mind the cost. Mona Patel from Human Factors International shared her online shopping experience where she entered an online store with no intention to buy but eneded up making the purchase and was happy about it. Mona was just checking if there were any new clothing item listed on this online store. She found one that was of interest and also found that the store did not carry her size. While she was about to leave the site, – a popup window appeared and a store associate was there to chat. The associate asked if she needed help. When our lady told the guy that she did not find her size for a clothing she liked, the guy said, “wait, i will check the inventory”. He replied in a while and said, – “we have the last one of that size in a customers shopping cart.” He went on and said “if you wait for few mins i can transfer it to yours if the other customer does not purchase it”. Our lady accepted the offer and bought the clothing. Now isnt that a great story to share with.

Selling a product is more that just selling a comodity. Stores that have smart sales people – create that experience you would love to have. 

 Web Cast: The difference between evaluating “can do” and “will do” – How Persuasion, Emotion and Trust relate to conversion -Click the image below to watch.