Motivating the buyer to BUY!

The idea of buying a new laptop was looming in my mind for a while now. I visited CNET to find whats the right product for my needs and did some research. I also visited Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Circuit City to take a look at whats out there. I liked Toshiba, HP and Dell from a price/quality perspective. When at Best Buy i almost bought a Toshiba but decided to do some more research before i spend the bucks. Last week i was continuing my research and visited Dell website and found some thing that i liked. Dell Inspiron 1420. While reviewing the product i found a “Chat” button on the website and clicked to ask a few questions. I wanted to know if i can ask Dell to package Windows XP instead of Vista. The girl i was connected to said that is not possible. She continued asking if i would be purchasing the Laptop today. She mentioned to me that she can get me a 25$ discount if i made the purchase today. She connected me with her Supervisor who was able to call me instantly and we were on the phone. Apart from answering my questions, the Supervisor doubled the discount. At that point i decided that i will make the purchase. The discount was not that great for the price of the product, but hey i was going to buy a Laptop any way and any discount i would get is good. We made the transaction and there you go, i finally bought the laptop i needed. Even though i had a need to buy a laptop, i needed some motivation to make the final move. I loved the chat service and also the ability of the sales associates to guide me and throw some discount. Who does not love discount especially when offered on the spot. Dell website did have comparisons and product reviews – but all of that were static. What made me really buy was the personal touch of somebody offering me product information and a discount at the right time.