Web 2.0 – What have you to offer Sales?

Leveraging Web 2.0 to Sell by Geoffrey James
The Internet is the ultimate disruptive technology. Like telephony, radio, television, and even the printing press, the Internet is dramatically changing nearly every aspect of daily life, both inside businesses and in the daily lives of individuals. Much of this disruption has been both unplanned and unexpected, and nothing more so than the sudden prominence of what’s been called Web 2.0: the blogs, wikis and social networking sites where users generate content for consumption by other users. 


Sales 2.0 represents not just a better way of selling, but a substantial enhancement of the customer experience. The Web 1.0 environment, with its emphasis on pushing information out to a wider audience, overloaded customers with information. While they had access to information that in the past belonged entirely to sales professionals (i.e. product features, comparison pricing, customer complaints etc.), many customers saw all that data as an undifferentiated blur of meaningless facts. By creating a more collaborative environment, Sales 2.0 allows the sales professional to use his or her specific expertise to help the customer differentiate between information that’s essential and information that’s not.

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